August 6, 2019

5 Cosy Keto Soup Recipes

In my opinion it doesn’t have to be winter to enjoy a warming bowl of soup. Hot soup is unparalleled comfort food that keto followers can enjoy while sticking to their macros! Also, just because these recipes are keto approved doesn’t mean that they’re loaded with bacon and butter. There’s plenty of veg and warming spices in these 5 Cosy Keto Soup Recipes 😉 Before the recipes, here are some of the thoughts you might have regarding keto soups.

Is homemade soup low carb?

Initially when I started on Keto I was skeptical of soups in general as I wasn’t sure if they were too carby with all the veg. After much googling and Instagramming, that phase quickly passed and now I enjoy soup on the keto diet. For those of you who aren’t sure or who are just starting out, once you’re keeping your total carbs around 20 per day you will remain in ketosis. Most keto bowls of soup are around 6g or maybe 7g of carbs so once you are tracking your macros, you can enjoy a cozy bowl of soup for lunch 😀 (yay)

How can I make it thick?

Traditionally flour is used to make a roux for soups that are likely to be on the thinner side. 1 tbsp of flour is around 6g of carbs so isn’t a massive amount but I personally think it’s a waste of carbs. Cream and cream cheese are good keto thickeners for soups and they add great flavour. You can also use Xanthan Gum like this one  to thicken soups and sauces.

What veg can I use?

Cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, butternut squash, onions, bell peppers, turnip are all excellent veg to use for soups. Once you track the macros of the veg and work it out per serving you’re fine.

What else can I add in?

Spices, cream, coconut cream, sweetener, almond milk, cream cheese, butter can all be used for keto soups. Not to forget meats, bacon and seafood. And of course, steer clear of anything that has unnecessary carbs!


1. Tomato Feta Soup 

5 Cosy Keto Soup Recipes

Tomato soup doesn’t need a grilled cheese on the side when you already have cheese in the soup! Tomato soup is my absolute favourite soup and thankfully, it’s something I can enjoy whilst adhering to a low carb diet. Tomatoes are not to be feared as they are one of the lower carb fruits coming in at roughly 2.5g carbs per tomato. This Tomato Feta Soup from LSL is easy to make, delicious and only 8g of carbs per bowl 🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅


2. Creamy Sausage Spinach Soup

5 Cosy Keto Soup Recipes


Doesn’t that just sound delicious 😍 If you love sausage, spinach and cream then this soup definitely is the one from you. The recipe is from The Keto Queens is their take on a classic and is only 6g of carbs per bowl. Once you catch the soup buzz you will notice that a small bowl of soup can actually be quite filling. Since fat is very important on keto, most soup recipes incorporate fat and as a result will allow you to feel fuller for longer!


3. Buffalo Chicken Soup with Blue Cheese

5 Cosy Keto Soup Recipes

Oh mama, this recipe from Kalyn’s Kitchen looks legit tasty. It’s loaded with hot sauce and strong smelly cheese so if you like both of those then this is for you Susan 🤣. This soup is dinner worthy and is jam packed with protein and fats to keep you full. Of course if you don’t like the smelly cheese then you could opt for something less potent 💩


4. Stuffed Pepper Soup

I love one pot recipes that are filling enough to have for dinner. Like, a teeny bowl of soup does not sit well with me. I need hearty, mealy and sometimes meaty soups. This recipe from Paleo Running Momma is loaded with tomatoes, cauliflower rice, ground beef and Italian spices. It’s 8g of carbs per serving and in my opinion, worth every one!


5. Curried Squash Soup

This soup recipe from I Breathe I’m Hungry is made with butternut squash (you can use pumpkin) and has the addition of some madras curry powder to amp up the flavour. It’s easy to make, only 4g of carbs per serving and something that everyone will enjoy the taste of!


My Thoughts 

As you can see, the ingredients you can use in keto soup are plentiful, so long as you watch the carb count. Turn any of these soups into a dinner with the addition of leftover meats such as minced beef, chicken or sausage.

Plus, since soup is such a versatile food, it’s difficult to mess up. In the various recipes included within this post, don’t hesitate to swap out a few ingredients, using those foods you already have on hand.

Now the only question is, which recipe will you try first?

Thanks for reading

Natasha 😊