August 14, 2018

5 Reasons Why Keto Is Best

Way back before I had ever even heard of Keto or Ketosis I would never even have dreamed of writing an article called the 5 reasons why Keto is best but yet here we are.

Like most people, I was brought up to believe that fat is bad and therefore it must be avoided. In the 1950’s some big shot American Doctor had found a link between eating fatty meats and an increase in the risk of a Heart Attack.  And so with that, fat became the enemy and was crucified by health professionals and the media. As a result, pretty much any adult born after 1950 believes that eating bacon and cream every day is bad for you and that all important “cholesterol”.

But, what if they were wrong?  What if fat isn’t actually the enemy? The only reason why people think too much fat will give you a heart attack is that that’s what we have been indoctrinated with our entire lives. What if the one thing we religiously avoid is the one thing that could actually help with weight loss? What if “Carbs” is the real culprit this whole time?

Disclaimer* I am not secretly trying to convert or brainwash anyone into thinking that you have to jump on the Keto bandwagon, although that would be a pretty amazing trick.? What I will say is this, just keep your mind open to the fact that maybe fat isn’t the enemy we are lead to believe. Maybe through Keto, it’s possible to finally lose that winter fluff you have been carrying since 2007. Maybe just maybe Keto isn’t so cray cray after all.  ?

And so with that, here are my 5 reasons why Keto is best #ketobenefits

1. Reduced Appetite and Decreased Cravings

Before Keto, I constantly felt hungry and lacking energy and like a lot of people lived for my 3 pm Skinny Latte and chocolate fix. As with most at some point in my life, I have tried a number of “Fad Diets” with the hope of shifting the excess pounds for a holiday or a special occasion. For years I worked out daily and lived on very few calories so why the f*ck did I still have a MUFFIN TOP ????. Traditional “fad diets” places the emphasis on reducing calories. Of course, if you eat 1000 calories a day for 7 days you will lose weight but it won’t be fat darling, it will be water weight. You will also be starving and miserable for those 7 days.

Ketosis does not place any importance on Calories and so this is not a calorie restrictive diet. Instead, you track your daily intake of fats, protein and carbs. Once you stick to eating no more than 20g of carbs per day you are in Ketosis and thus burning your own fat for fuel. Also, eating Keto foods means eating lots of fats which keeps you fuller for longer. This, in turn, means you aren’t out of your head hungry in between meals #winning #byebyemuffintop ?

During the first month or so on Keto you will crave sugar like a heroin addict craves heroin but as with most things, this too will pass. Once you rid your body of the cravings you will find that you’re not bothered if Susan who sits in the desk beside you offers you a Snickers on your 3 pm break. Nobody wants to be a hungry pug ????

Hungry Pug

2. Realistic and Sustainable WOE

I remember trying the 5:2 diet. A friend of mine loaned me the book and I thought it was the best thing since, well… sliced bread ?. On this diet, I would eat what I wanted 5 days a week and then live on a meagre 500 calories the other 2 days. Jesus was I miserable. While I was quite content 5 days a week, I didn’t have the energy to sneeze on the other 2. Obviously, I didn’t want to waste my weekend eating just dust and Special K so I had my 2 low-calorie days on a Monday and a Thursday. I WAS STARVING and pissed off at everything. It was neither realistic nor sustainable.

In comparison, Keto, although tremendously hard to start, is definitely a realistic and sustainable way of eating. It isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle  and so it can be managed and sustained long-term. With Keto you are never starving or feeling sh!t because you’re so hungry. It is a scientific fact that calories from fat fill you up for longer than calories from carbs or protein. A day filled with bacon and creamy coffees sounds much more appealing to me than a day eating two small bowls of Special K and a flippin’ protein shake ???


Fad Diets 101
Keto vs Fad Diets

3. Alleviates Health Problems as opposed to causing them.

Many of us have done a diet and lost a few pounds but what about the health problems attributed to these “Crash Diets”?. Problems such as diabetes, heart-disease, fertility problems. Not to mention feeling fatigued, hungry and weak each day. Keto has been scientifically proven to improve your health. It reduces inflammation, cures epilepsy, increases energy levels and is also used to fight many issues such as cancer. If you haven’t already seen it, I strongly recommend you watch ‘The Magic Pill’ on Netflix as seeing is believing, so seriously give it a watch!

The Magic Pill
The Magic Pill

4. Increased Energy Levels.

I once remember falling victim to a diet called ‘Celebrity Slim’. It was all the rage and promised to drop 7 pounds in 10 days. Young, naive and desperate to spend my hard earned cash, I was sold. I was allowed to have 3 “celeb slim” shakes a day for 10 days and advised to also exercise each day. Shockingly I lasted 3 days before cracking and getting a Chinese. Can I just say that they were the most miserable and long days EVER. I was hungry, tired and freezing cold. I was also extremely pissed that I had spent €120 on this crap. The only pounds I had lost was from my pocket. #mugged ?

Having done Keto for the last 8 months I know that it increases energy levels. During the initial few days, you will notice that you are feeling crap but this is normal. It’s called Keto Flu and is just your bodies way of dealing with the reduction of carbs. As the days go on and you become fully adapted your energy levels will be through the roof and you generally feel less sluggish. If you enjoy working out you will notice a massive increase in energy levels despite that age-old myth that you need carbs to fuel a workout. #lies ?

Cat Playing
Cat Playing

5. No Exercise Required.

Most fad diets require daily exercise to be in any way effective. This means that not only are you hungry, tired and feeling like crap but you also have to work out.? I’ll just swoop in right here and say that exercise isn’t required in Keto to lose weight. YES! YOU HEARD ME. The fact that your body is constantly burning its own fat for energy means that you will lose weight without ever stepping inside a gym. This has to be a massive incentive for those who hate the gym but still want to lose weight. #ketoforthewin

No energy required
No exercise required


Bits to take away about Keto.

Keto is awesome and allows you to live your best life where you can eat good, hearty food and still look and feel your best. Even if you tried it for 14 days I guarantee you would be hooked.

So there you have it, the 5 reasons why Keto is best.

Thanks for reading