April 30, 2019

7 Awesome Keto Birthday Cakes

Following a keto diet can be testing at the best of times (hello most days for me) but throw in a loved ones birthday and the whole thing gets a lot tougher. For me, the thought process goes something like this. It’s my birthday, I deserve a big old slice of cake but also I have that holiday in 6 weeks and I’d prefer not resemble a beached whale in my bikini 🤷. This goes on for quite some time and after much deliberation a Keto Birthday cake is always the winner. I mean, you still get that slice of something sweet that you’re craving but without sacrificing all your hard work.

Now when it comes to birthday cakes, everyone has their own favourite cake that they love to eat. I especially love lemon cake and a classic Victoria Sponge. I also love carrot cake, banana cake, coffee cake, chocolate cake and so on. It can be hard to know which cake to bake and which cake will even work as a ‘keto cake’. If you search ‘Keto Birthday Cake’ on Google you’ll get a plethora of cakes. Some will require really weird ingredients and some will take about a month to make.  😆. Thankfully I have complied this blog aptly named ‘7 Awesome Keto Birthday Cakes’ for those times when you don’t feel like spending the day on Google.

All the recipes are simple to make, require typical keto baking ingredients and are absolute showstoppers! Whats more is that the cakes are all EXTREMELY cake like and not remotely egg like 😀.  Print this blog off, throw it in the drawer, and fish it out when you need an awesome Keto Birthday Cake 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂


Typical Keto Birthday Cake Ingredients 🎂

  • ✔ Almond Flour
  • ✔ Coconut Flour
  • ✔ Butter
  • ✔ Sweetener
  • ✔ Baking Powder
  • ✔ Xanthan Gum
  • ✔ Eggs
  • ✔ Lemons
  • ✔ Vanilla Extract
  • ✔ Almond milk/coconut milk/heavy cream
  • ✔ Cocoa powder
  • ✔ Fruit
  • ✔ Nuts
  • ✔ Homemade sugar-free jams
  • ✔ Espresso Powder


1. Vanilla Birthday Cake 🎂

Vanilla Birthday Cake

This cake from Wholesome Yum is a delicious and easy to make yellow cake. It’s a three tier cake that is simply filled and frosted with cream cheese. The cake only requires 10 ingredients and each slice of cake is 2g of net carbs. This cake is a good basic keto birthday cake recipe to start with that can be easily altered with other ingredients. Adding some coconut flakes to the frosting and raspberries to the sponge would be yummy!


2. Devils Food Cake 🎂

Keto Birthday Cake

My own recipe for Devil Food Cake is the perfect keto birthday cake for chocolate lovers. It’s called devils food cake because it is absolutely wicked! It’s a two tier chocolate fest that somehow manages to only be 2g of carbs per slice. This cake is so good, especially the buttercream that I bake it for any occasion I can think of. It’s my Cats birthday is as legitimate a reason as any 🤣

3. Coconut Cake with Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting 🎂

Keto Birthday Cake

This cake from Divalicious Recipes is a double layered coconut flour cake that is sweet and moist. It’s slathered in cream cheese frosting and desiccated coconut and yet is still only 7g of carbs per slice. The carb count is slightly higher in this cake as coconut flour is used instead of almond flour. Coconut flour is particularly good for using in cakes as it does give a much more spongey texture than the almond flour.

4. Flourless Chocolate Cake 🎂

Keto Birthday Cake

I’m not drooling, you are 😂. This cake is from Tasteaholics is definitely a showstopper and is remarkably easy to make. Chocolate flourless cakes and keto goes hand in hand and omitting the flours means a drastically low carb slice of heaven!  Each slice of this very grown up cake is 2g of carbs. I would suggest keeping this one for the adults as I have made it myself and I think it’s a tad too bitter for the wee ones.

5. Lemon Cream Cake 🎂

Keto Birthday Cake Lemon

As I already mentioned, Lemon Cake is my ultimate favourite cake. I love the tang of lemons and so long as theres sweet frosting I’m happy! This cake from All day I Dream About Food is the perfect treat for a keto birthday cake at only 5g net carbs per decadent slice. Stick a few candles in this one and you have yourself a party 🎉🎉🎉🎉

6. Low Carb Birthday Cake 🎂

Keto Birthday Cake

This spectacular four tiered cake from Low Carb Maven has a little bit more work involved but is 100 the ultimate showstopper. It consists of layers of sponge topped with lemon cream and sugar free raspberry jam. Oh and it’s also covered in buttercream 😍. Each slice is 5g of net carbs but I’m betting it’s totally worth it!

7. Keto Red Velvet Cake 🎂

Keto Birthday Cake

At just over 2g of carbs per slice this cake is definitely a low carb showstopper for a birthday. The cake is simple to make and is just a one layer cocoa sponge topped with dreamy cream cheese frosting. You could go all out and make it into a two tiered cake and it would still only be 4g carbs per slice 😮 Recipe over on Keto In Pearls


Not to forget THE FROSTING 🎂

If you just want to make a simple sponge then you can always do that and jazz it up with some fancy frosting!

  • ✔ Cream cheese frosting is totally keto friendly once you use sweetener.
  • ✔ Buttercream frosting, sweetener, butter and cream is the keto dream!
  • ✔ Whipped topping, which is made with heavy whipping cream, keto sweetener and a bit of vanilla extract.
  • ✔ Glaze. Just mix your sugar substitute with liquid and flavour (like almond extract or fresh lemon) to drizzle over your keto cakes.


Next time you have a special occasion or birthday there is no need to duck out on keto for the day. With this hand list of 7 Awesome Keto Birthday Cakes, there’s definitely something for everyone!

Thanks for reading

Natasha 💗