April 2, 2019

7 Delicious Keto Chicken Dinner Ideas

With my ‘7 Delicious Keto Chicken Dinner Ideas’ I’ve got you covered for delicious low carb, keto dinners all week long!

Aside from steak which I can’t afford every night, I choose chicken as my keto dinner meat of choice. It is versatile, low in calories and can be dressed up in so many fabulous ways.

I love a roast chicken served with some creamy cauliflower cheese bake or even just a caesar salad with a pan seared chicken breast and a few cubes of butternut squash!

So lets get to it 💃💃💃

1. Malibu Chicken – 4g Carbs

Malibu Chicken

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the dish, low carb Malibu chicken is kind of like a monte cristo sandwich without the bread! It’s a classic tale of ham, chicken and Swiss cheese draped in breadcrumbs and creamy sauce. So basically, if you love cheesey and hammy chicken dishes THEN YOU’LL LOVE THIS. The keto version is from the lovely lowcarbmaven and can be found by clicking here. Served up with some sassy sides, this dish is a perfect week night chicken dinner 😊


2. Chicken Tikka Masala – 3.4g Carbs

Chicken Tikka Masala

Tikka Masala is one of my favourite Indian dishes to cook and so for me, this keto version is incredible! This 30 minute low carb curry by simplysohealthy  not only looks the business and is easy to make, but is also delicious, creamy and spicy. What I find great about this dish is that you can make it and have a ‘Curry Night’ with all the taste but without the carbs! Serve this up with some cauliflower rice or keto naan bread.


3. Creamy Lemon Chicken With Garlic – 2g Carbs

Creamy Lemon Garlic Chicken

This dish is my idea of absolute heaven. Creamy. Lemony. Garlicky. Eh, yes please 😍 and it’s only 2g of carbs per serving. Anyone else thinking of having double portions for dinner with a mountain of sautéed broccoli?? 🐽🐽Find the recipe over at thatlowcarblife. 


4. Shredded Chicken Chilli – 6g Carbs

Shredded Chicken Chilli

I mean, sometimes beef chilli can be a little too heavy and for such times you should try this chicken chilli recipe from Tasha over at Ketogasm .  Actually, I have tried this recipe myself and am cooking it for dinner later this week because it is utterly delicious. I like to serve mine with some cauliflower rice mixed through it so it is extra thick and satiating. With all that tomato and creamy goodness, this keto chicken dinner is definitely a winner 😄


5. Chicken Pot Pie – 11g Carbs

Chicken Pot Pie

Is there anything more comforting than a big pile of chicken pot pie for dinner? This keto version from peaceloveandlowcarb looks legit like the real deal and somehow is only 11g carbs per pie! The filling is pretty much the standard but the crust is made using fathead dough. In the grand scheme of things a pie that is 11g of carbs can fit perfectly into your macros once you have them planned for the day.  So if you’re looking for something fancy for dinner then I would definitely try this 😍


6. Keto Chilli Chicken – 3g Carbs

Keto Chilli Chicken

This spicy recipe from Headbangerskitchen has Saturday night dinner written all over it. My favourite takeout food in the world is Chinese food and so being able to recreate a keto version is brilliant. My own qualm with this recipe is the green pepper and chilli. I would have to replace them with red version because I simply cannot stand green chilli or pepper. Serve this along side some cauliflower rice (like everything else on keto 🤦‍♀️)


7. Keto Chicken Enchilada Bowl – 6g Carbs

Keto Chicken Enchilada Bowl

This low carb twist on the Mexican favourite is from heyketomama and is definitely something I want to try for dinner or possibly lunch. Rather than serving this with cauliflower rice AGAIN I would opt for a salad bowl with some lettuce and cucumber perhaps mixed through, making it a kind of burrito bowl. Oh, I would also need sour cream on top 😛 get the full delicious recipe here.


My Thoughts

I like to thinks that there’s most likely something for even the pickiest of eaters in there but if there isn’t than here’s a few other scrumptious chicken ideas of note:

  Chicken Fried Rice

  Spicy Chicken Tenders

  Chicken Curry


Thanks for reading

Natasha 🍒