May 29, 2019

7 Tips For Staying Keto While on Holiday

With summer holiday season just around the corner you may find yourself wondering how you can possibly go away and stick to keto. From my own experience, following a keto diet while being away can be rather stressful but is also totally do-able once you are well prepared 😀. Whether you’re on the ketogenic diet for weight loss or better energy — there’s no reason to compromise ketosis just because you’re on holiday!

In general, consistency and routine are what makes the keto diet easy to stick to. I tend to eat the same sort of things on a daily basis because I know the macros and I know that it will satiate me. At an All You Can Eat Buffet it’s a different story. There’s ultimately temptation coupled with a lack of ‘low carb’ options which can send your diet into a tailspin! Thankfully I’ve got my ‘7 Tips for Staying Keto While on Holiday’ so there’s no need for any stress 🐒.


1. Do Your Research

tips for staying keto on holiday

If you want to make being keto on vacation as easy as possible, you should definitely do a bit of pre-trip research. Start of by checking the restaurant menus of the hotel you’re staying at. Check the restaurants in the surrounding areas. Select the restaurants which you know will be easy to eat low carb at. If you are aware of what you’re eating throughout the day, you can better plan for indulgences or times when you may need to bring some of your own snacks.


2. Don’t arrive Hungry

tips for staying keto on holiday

Sabotaging your efforts with airport food and drinks will get you off to a bad start and make it near impossible to stay keto while on holiday. Have something filling to eat before leaving for the airport and that way when you arrive you won’t be starving for junk food. If you’re into airport drinks, order a low carb drink such as wine or a vodka and soda water. Being ahead of your hunger is what keeps you in check.


3. Bring Low Carb Snacks

Tips for staying keto while on holiday

When you’re a few hours into an eight-hour flight and the flight attendant comes around with complimentary snacks, you don’t want to be starving. Instead, try packing some low carb snacks such as hard-boiled eggs, jerky, parmesan cheese crisps, packaged mozzarella cheese, nuts, pepperami or just good quality dark chocolate. Pack a few in your hand luggage for the journey and then pack lots for your suitcase so you can snack while down at the pool like everyone else 🍹.


4. Stick to Low Carb Alcohol

Tips for staying keto while on holiday

Having fun on vacation doesn’t mean you have to wreck your carb count. There are plenty of relatively keto-friendly alcoholic drinks you can indulge in. My boyfriend stayed keto last year while we were on holiday in Spain. He stuck to spirits and a diet soda with the odd light beer. Know your drinks, ask what’s in them and if in doubt you can always check on MyFitnessPal! Just stay away from drinks that contain high amounts of sugary mix-ins such as orange juice, milk, or soda if you’re looking to keep your carb count in check.

✔  Tequila: 96 calories, no carbs

✔  Gin: 110 calories, no carbs

✔  Rum: 110 calories, no carbs

✔  Vodka: 110 calories, no carbs

✔  Whiskey: 110 calories, no carbs


5. Use the Mini Fridge 

Tips for staying keto while on holiday

Yes it may sound ridiculous but most hotel rooms have a decent sized mini bar. Why not use this to store your keto friendly treats. Things like heavy cream (most hotel rooms have a coffee maker) cheese, cured meats or even a bottle of your favourite low carb wine. My point is that if you are prepared you are less likely to fall off track.

6. Make Good Choices

Tips to stay keto while on holiday

If you’re at a beautiful buffet there are plenty of low carb options. For breakfast, cured meats and cheese are golden. There’s also usually an omelette station at most buffets. Prosecco is also low carb so that’s a great breakfast tipple if you’re starting early. Lunch is easy with burgers and hotdogs everywhere. Just ask for the burger in a bowl with all the trimmings except the bread, a couple of hotdogs without the bun on the side and a glass of white wine and it’s a keto party 🤣. Dinner options at a buffet are also excellent with lots of meats and steaks to choose from . There’s always a salad bar so load up on steak and salad and a glass of red 🍷


7. Relax

tips for staying keto while on holiday

Look, at the end of the day we’re all human (except for the cats who read my blog 🤣). If you fall off track and eat some carbs it’s not the end of the world nor will it kill you. Even just being mindful of what you’re eating and trying to eat less carbs at each meal is still better than eating all the bloody carbs. Perhaps pick an evening where you can splurge and have what you want and don’t feel guilty about it. The diet will always be there but your holiday is only for a few short days!




My Take

A few indulgences won’t derail your weight loss or health goals in the long run, but being flexible with your diet on vacation may leave you feeling recharged and refocused when you get back home!


Thanks for reading my7 Tips for Staying Keto While on Holiday.

Natasha 🌅💗