October 13, 2019

Keto Hot Drinks at Starbucks

Let’s face it: Ordering keto food or drinks is very challenging. Is it really low carb? Why doesn’t mine taste like this when I make it at home? Is that really sugar-free?

Anyhoo, with the colder weather fast approaching, the likeliness of a morning ‘coffee run’ is inevitable. Nothing beats the smell of a hot flat white or if I’m pushing the boat out a hot gingerbread latte 🙉☕️. It’s comforting, delicious and totally do-able on keto once you know how to order!

Luckily, Instagram has become the holy grail for all things keto. We can now search #ketostarbucks and find mounds of Keto friendly drink and snack ideas to order. Rather than having you lot search endless streams for the perfect coffee, I thought I would sum it up for you with my own guide to Keto Coffee at Starbucks 😊

1. Low Carb Flat White

My personal favourite the Flat White typically comes with a highly concentrated shot of espresso and steamed whole milk to create a creamy coffee with a strong buzz- amen to that ?. Steamed milk has 8g of sugar so you need to replace it with a mixture of half heavy whipping cream (just cream to us here in Ireland) and half water to get the same creaminess without the carbs.

Starbucks Flat White

2. Low Carb Latte

Your typical Latte comes with espresso, steamed milk, and a light layer of foam, oh and can’t forget all the latte art .To recreate a low carb version,  order an Americano with Heavy cream. Ask the barista to steam the cream gently with some water to recreate that sexy foam. I also like to add sugar-free caramel or gingerbread to mine during the winter months. In general, most sugar-free coffee sweeteners are zero carb and therefore perfect for keto. I use the Monin brand but Torani also has an excellent range of syrups.

Starbucks Latte

3. Low Carb Mocha Latte

I’ve never been a fan of a mocha as I always thought it was WAY to sweet. But, for those of you who are into them just order an Americano with warmed or steamed heavy cream and skinny mocha sauce. Topped with a spray of low carb spray cream and boom, you’re in business.


4. Lower Carb Pumpkin Spice Latte #PSL

Just order a latte and bring your own sugar free pumpkin spice syrup. It’s way easier than trying to get them to make a low carb version. Also check out my awesome recipe for a homemade PSL here

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte

5. Low Carb Caramel Macchiato

A typical Caramel Macchiato comes with milk, espresso, vanilla syrup, and a drizzle of caramel sauce. To create a keto friendly version, just order an Americano with heavy whipping cream, sugar-free vanilla syrup, and a drizzle of sugar-free caramel. I suggest bringing your own SF sauce to ensure you don’t go wild and top it with regular caramel.

6. Low Carb Gingerbread Latte

A typical Gingy Latte is often loaded with sugar which is carbs. This means it’s a big no-no for Ketoers. Fortunately there is a simple hack to get you your less carby hit of Gingy goodness. To recreate a low carb version,  order an Americano with Heavy cream and 3 pumps of sugar-free Gingerbread Syrup. Ask the barista to steam the cream gently with some water to recreate that sexy foam and dust with nutmeg!

How to Improvise

  • Scribble your drink order on a piece of paper for the Barista so they don’t forget.
  • Always order the smallest size possible. Usually called a “short” or “regular”
  • To keep things as low carb as possible replace milk with a mix of 3/4 water & 1/4 heavy whipping cream. Be mindful of things such as coconut milk which is quite carby.
  • Request sugar-free syrup.
  • Replace sugary toppings with low carb spices:

And that”s my list of keto hot drinks at Starbucks, hope you enjoyed the read and find it useful 😊