January 20, 2020

Managing a Sweet Tooth on Keto

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Your sweet cravings will drastically reduce on the keto diet after a certain period and your ability to smell sugar will be like a shark smelling blood 😮

Old habits or emotional connections to food won’t disappear though. I don’t know about you guys but I automatically want chocolate if I’m feeling crappy. It’s so easy to read blogs and articles about this that and the other diet which is the BEST WAY TO LIVE, but at the end of the day, NOTHING can sever my emotional attachment to food!


Keto Brownies
Ketonab Brownies


Lets take the Carnivore diet for example; obviously if you rigorously adhere to this plan you will lose weight and feel better for not eating processed foods etc, you will also be driven insane 🤦‍♀️. The idea of removing absolutely everything that I enjoy eating is absurd and not something I could fathom. Throughout my whole keto journey I have always indulged in ‘Keto’ baked goods and sugar free treats. I am not a Caveman and cannot live on the diet of one. I NEED THE SWEET STUFF 🍬🍪.

This short blog is a collection of some of the sugar free sweet treats which I like to indulge in when I need to. The great thing about all these items is that you can buy them online and also the fact that you don’t have to make them yourself. Everyone is busy and everyone needs chocolate so with that being said, read on to find some of my favourite sugar free keto treats 😉

Coffee Syrups

Sugar free caramel syrup
Sugar Free Caramel Syrup

Monin does some great Sugar Free flavours and they are reasonably priced. When I buy them, I buy in bulk so as to save on shipping. These syrups are great in coffee, baking or even on a bit of whipped cream as a treat. They retail around $10 and I have included links to the cheapest ones on Amazon! Make your own favourite at home instead of paying for an overpriced coffee chain one.

Sugar Free French Vanilla Syrup 

Sugar Free Irish Cream Syrup

Sugar Free Amaretto Syrup

Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup


Hersheys Sugar Free
Hersheys Sugar Free Chocolates

It’s hard to find good tasting sugar free chocolates in Ireland and so a lot of the time I would buy these items online in bulk. Store them for those times when you really need a sweet hit but don’t want to break keto!

Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cups

Sugar Free Chocolate Chips (great for baking)

Caramel Chocolates



Werthers Sugar Free Candy

My dream would be if they made sugar free and calorie free Skittles. They are absolutely the most pointless treat ever from a nutritional standpoint but I just love them. When I’m not eating them I do enjoy some of these sugar free candies!

Werthers Originals

Jolly Ranchers ( I could live on these)

Sugar Free Twizzlers 

Sugar Free Jelly Beans 


Atkins Bars

These are all great on the go ‘indulgent’ keto treats that won’t kick you out of ketosis. Carry one in your bag in case of a shitty day!

Chocolate Chip Crisp Bars 

Atkins Endulge Bars (great if you’re meeting a friend for coffee)

Quest Sugar Free Cookies 



These random items are delicious keto friendly treats. Spread the chocolate peanut spread on some Keto Bread or on celery if you like 😀

Walden Farms dessert Syrups

Chocolate Peanut Spread 


I am certainly not advocating that anyone binges on sugar free treats but at the same time a balance is needed. In order to sustain a way of eating, you must see it as a lifestyle and therefore something that is maintainable and not something which makes your cravings uncontrollable. A little of what keeps you sane is definitely the best option in my opinion!

Thanks for reading

Natasha 😀