May 14, 2019

The Best Low Carb Flour Substitutes

I guess if you are reading this then you too are also low carb and possibly having pastry and baked goods withdrawal 😬. There’s no doubt about it, keto is tough and requires a strong mind and even stronger willpower! Just why can’t a bag of freshly baked croissants be keto friendly, it would make life so much easier 😧. The good news however is that you don’t have to give up your favourite baked breakfast treats. All you have to do is use a keto friendly flour and you’re set. In this blog you’ll find the best low carb flour substitute to use in all your cooking and baking recipes 🥐🥐🥐

Keto Victoria Sponge

But what’s so bad about regular flour?

First question most people would ask is why can’t I use regular flour. Regular all purpose flour is the main component in most baked goods and biscuits. It’s made from wheat and it is not considered low carb. Flour is highly processed and as a result it can wreak havoc on our digestive systems, with all too many people now being ‘gluten intolerant’. Here’s the stats for regular flour per cup:

  • ✔  455 calories
  • ✔  1.2 grams of fat
  • ✔  95.4 grams of carbs
  • ✔  3.4 grams of fibre
  • ✔  92 grams of net carbs
  • ✔  12.9 grams of protein

As you can see, it’s mostly made up of carbs which obviously means it cannot be used in low carb bakes. It is also extremely low in fat which means you can eat flour in an abundance and you will still be hungry 20 minutes later 😱.

Keto Flour Substitutes

The Best Low Carb Flour Substitutes 

Flour is a staple in baked goods as it holds things together. You can bake flourless cakes but they don’t always work with other keto ingredients such as sweetener. ‘Flour’ doesn’t have to be all bad. You can bake with ‘healthier’ low carb flours which won’t spike your insulin or leave you craving more.


Almond Flour/Ground Almonds/Almond Meal

Easy Keto Bread

Almond flour is made from blitzed almonds and is probably the most common low carb substitute for flour. It has a subtle nutty taste but not one that is too over-powering. Lots of non-keto people such as my favourite cook ever NIGELLA LAWSON (hiiiiiiii Nigella if you’re reading this 😂) use ground almonds in their bakes. Things like ooey gooey brownies and flourless chocolate cakes work a treat with almonds instead of flour.

It’s high in fibre and fat which means you will feel fuller for longer when you eating something made from almond flour. Just have a look at the nutritional value per cup .

Per 100g ⏬

  • ✔  615 calories
  • ✔  54 grams of fat
  • ✔  23 grams of carbs
  • ✔  15.4 gram of fibre
  • ✔  7.6 grams net carbs
  • ✔  23 grams of protein

It can also be used as a coating like breadcrumbs to make fried chicken or chicken kiev. It can even be added to mozzarella to make pizza dough. But my favourite thing to make with it aside from brownies is Easy Almond Bread. It’s delicious, low carb and not too far removed from actual bread 🔥

Use almond flour in a 1:1 ratio with regular flour.

Coconut Flour

Keto Flour Substitutes

Coconut flour is another very popular albeit, slightly more expensive flour replacement. It does have a more pronounced taste than almond flour and so is not everyones cup of tea. The flour is WAAAAAY more dry than other flours and requires the addition of a lot more liquid when using it. It also means you need to use a lot less of it.

The flour is high in fibre and fat which is exactly what we want on keto. Coconut flour is a great replacement for regular all-purpose flour because it’s white, which gives it the appearance of the real thing. It also has a great sweet flavour that instantly enhances most dishes, especially desserts. Like this Keto Lemon Coconut Cake

Per 100g ⏬

  • ✔  400 calories
  • ✔  13.3 grams of fat
  • ✔  60 grams of carbs
  • ✔  33.3 grams of fibre
  • ✔  26.7 grams net carbs
  • ✔  20 grams of protein

Use coconut flour in a 4:1 ratio with the addition of an egg. So in a recipe which calls for 200g regular flour, you would use 50g of coconut flour and 2 eggs!


Keto Flour Substitutes

Flaxseed is considered a ‘Superfood’ and so is a wonderful, low carb alternative to flour for healthy and nutritious bakes! It is high in fibre, protein, and fat, and it contains very low amounts of carbohydrate. Flaxseed is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, depression, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and more.

The taste is mild and slightly nutty and it is often mixed with other low carb flours as it adds thickness and texture to bakes. I often use the crunchy variety to add some bite to cakes such as carrot cake.

Per 100g ⏬

  •   534 calories
  •   42.2 grams of fat
  • ✔  28.9 grams of carbs
  • ✔  27.3 grams of fibre
  • ✔  1.6 grams of net carbs
  • ✔  18.3 grams of protein

Try these delicious flaxseed pancakes from Wholesome Yum for breakfast 🥞

Use flaxseed flour in a 1:3 ratio with the addition of a tablespoon of water. So for a recipe calling for 200g of flour you would use 66g of flax and 2 tbsp of water!


Other notable mentions

  • ✔  Peanut Flour
  • ✔  Walnut Flour
  • ✔  Macadamia Nut Flour
  • ✔  Psyllium Husk
  • ✔  Cauliflower (pizza base)
  • ✔  Mozzarella and cream cheese (fathead dough)



Baking on keto doesn’t have to be a no no. Once you are aware of the carbs and how to use the flour you’re golden. The three substitutes I have listed are all easily purchased and affordable. I am not one for ordering a bag of peanut flour on Amazon for $40. That’s just ridiculous to me and not necessary. Whatever flour you use for your bakes, enjoy it and enjoy the eating 🍰


Thanks for reading

Natasha 😍