July 28, 2018

The Top 10 Keto Questions For Beginners

Hey Guys, so i gather if you are here you probably want to read and perhaps learn a little about Keto…… or you’re lost. Either way, WELCOME to Ketonab and to my very first blog post. Having done keto for a little while I decided it would be good to try and help keto newbies with their questions and concerns. So, with that in mind I have complied a list of my top 10 Keto questions for beginners and the answers to them!

Before I get to that, one recommendation I do have is checking out the amazing article over on hvnm.com called ‘5 Surprising Things about the Keto diet’. It’s very insightful and informative and will further convince you that keto is best!  https://hvmn.com/blog/keto-diet/5-surprising-things-about-the-keto-diet .

Now, on with the dance 💃💃💃💃💃

  • What is Keto?
  • How do i know i am in it?
  • What can i eat?
  • What things am i not allowed to eat?
  • Is it difficult?
  • Are there any benefits aside from weight-loss?
  • Is alcohol allowed?
  • Will all that fat make me fat?
  • Is it expensive?
  • How do i get started?

What is Keto?

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Keto is a low carb, moderate protein, and high fat diet which puts the body into a metabolic state known as ketosis or “keto”. In this state your liver begins to produce Ketones. Ketones allow you to burn your own body fat for energy YAY.

How do I know I am in Keto?

Initially, I used Keto strips to check my ketone levels (a stick you pee on which changes colour based on your ketone levels). Another indicator you are entering Ketosis is you may feel like absolute crap while your body shifts from primarily burning carbs to burning fats. I experienced mild flu-like symptoms such as headache, dizziness and aches. Oh and I got bad keto rash ? That said however, once you are keto-adapted you will feel amazing. Slightly itchy but still pretty amazing. Jokes. The rash does go…….eventually.

Keto Strips

What can i eat on Keto?

As a self-confessed “carbie” my primary concern was what the f can i actually eat other than sticks of butter and bacon? *Disclaimer I’m not the biggest bacon lover in the world ?. For a typical person starting out it’s broken down like this.

Keto Macros Chart
Keto Macros Chart

Simply put, 75% of your daily intake must be from fats, 20% from protein and 5% from carbs. The thing most people don’t tell you is that with any eating plan in which weight-loss is your goal, YOU MUST BE IN A DAILY CALORIC DEFICIT. If you are eating 2000cal a day but staying within your carb limit, you will maintain weight but not lose it.

To begin with I started out on 1800cals per day and after 2 weeks reduced it to 1450cals per day.  I found it easiest to use a macro calculator  which does all the hard work for you based on your own goals. (Currently making our own for the site YAY) Once you get the tracking sorted the next thing you need to look at is the foods you can eat.

Keto Food Pyramid

  • Fats & Oils
  • Meats
  • Vegetables
  • Dairy
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Beverages- water, coffee, diet sodas, alcohol sparingly

On a typical day I will have a Bulletproof Coffee or a creamy coffee for Breakfast. Then, lunch might be bacon and eggs or if I’m feeling cheeky it might just be a fat-loaded brownie ?. Next, I have another BPC coffee around 4.30pm (a BPC has 25g of fat and 0 carbs) and this usually does me until dinner. I’m all about dinner so I like to ensure its tasty as hell. It might be a Rib Eye Steak fried in Butter with Kale or some Butter Chicken. I ALWAYS leave room and macros for something tasty after dinner to the end the day, some of my homemade Dark Chocolate Fudge is  just perfect ?.

At the weekends I might eat Keto French Toast for Brekkie and a Low Carb Pizza for Dinner with a glass of wine. Once you can track your food intake (macros) correctly then you can tailor the foods to suit your lifestyle. Many ketoers use the MyFitnessPal App for tracking daily food intake.

What things am I not allowed to eat on Keto?

And now for the bit everyone hates. Firstly, don’t look at it as if you’re not allowed something but rather as you’re choosing not to have it. This will help you feel more in control. The basic foods to avoid are Carbohydrates which can be found in bloody nearly everything!  Alcohol is listed but Spirits such as Vodka with a diet-soda contains zero carbs so you can indulge. Lastly, Dry White Wines are also quite low in carbs #winning

Keto Foods to Avoid

Is Keto Difficult?

Initially, yes. Your body is essentially on a sugar withdrawal (think ‘Trainspotting’ with Sugar instead of Heroin). You feel weak and annoyed at everything. I craved carbs so bad that I couldn’t meet friends during the first week in case I had to go to a coffee shop and smell PASTRIES. However, once you start seeing and feeling the benefits you will have magical willpower. You may even start talking about it incessantly and start trying to ‘convert’ friends.

Are there any benefits to Keto aside from weight-loss?

You bet there are! Increased energy and mental-focus, glowing skin, anti inflammatory properties are all associated with Keto. In addition, controlled blood sugar levels means no more 3pm slumps or ‘hunger pangs’ in between meals. For more on this see another blog of mine on keto benefits .

Can I drink Alcohol on Keto?

Firstly, I made the catastrophic mistake of drinking Vodka and Diet Coke during week one on Keto. WELL I DIED. The alcohol hit my body so hard I swore off it for weeks. If you are going to be social and drink then try to stick to the low-carb options and stay away from the pizza the next day!

Ketonab Keto Alcohol Guide
Keto Alcohol Guide

Ketonab Keto Spirits Guide

Will all that ‘fat’ make me gain weight?

No, keto will not cause weight gain or high cholesterol levels. In fact, eating a low-carb diet is more likely to lower your bad cholesterol levels.

Is Keto Expensive?

As with all Lifestyles, some things on Keto can be expensive to buy. However, once you gradually stock up on the keto basics in the kitchen you should find a reduction in food costs. Also, think of all the money you could save on Pizzas and fancy Cocktails!

How do I start Keto?

Firstly, I recommend watching a documentary on Netflix called “The Magic Pill”. This will open up your mind to the wonder that is Keto. The next thing to consider is your willingness to commit to this huge lifestyle change. Perhaps ask yourself, are you ready?

I also found reading blog posts and threads from the Keto community very helpful. At the end of the day a blog post can only partially inform you, the rest you learn as you go along!

One final point, get rid of all the Carbs and Sugar in the house. Seriously, you will find yourself in the kitchen staring at a box of Cornflakes contemplating life at 3am. Do a 7 days Keto food shop, plan your meals so you know what you’re eating and when and keep it basic!

Give it a go guys, you might just like it.

Lastly, and more importantly THANKS FOR READING 😀

Natasha & Beebee

Helpful Keto Cat