July 23, 2019

Tips to Help You Survive a BBQ on Keto

A warm summers evening calls for celebration, especially in Ireland since it’s pretty manky a lot of the time ☔. So when the weather is good there is no better way to kick back then with a BBQ 😁 But where does that leave me with my keto diet may spring to mind but fear not as I’ve got you covered with these Tips to Help You Survive a BBQ on Keto!

Thankfully all the best BBQ foods are already pretty low in carbs. Meats such as sausages, burger patties, steaks, hot dogs and chicken wings are all fair game on keto 🔥 The aim of keto is to eat high fat, moderate protein and low carb so once you are prepared you are good to go.


1. Things you can eat

It’s always more fun to start with the things you can have rather than focusing on what you can’t have! So if your friends are grilling then chances are you aren’t in total control of what you can eat as opposed to if you’re hosting. This doesn’t have to mean skipping everything and eating a couple of sausages for fear of ingesting carbs, it just means being mindful and informed as to what delicious things you can have.

✔ Chicken of any sort

✔ Steaks, pork, lamb, fish

✔ Sausages, chorizo, salami, cured meats

✔ Hotdogs, frankfurters etc

✔ Burger Patties

✔ Avocado, Leafy Salads, Tomato, Onion, 

✔ Halloumi or any other cheeses

✔ Hard boiled eggs, egg mayo salad

✔ Low carb veg like peppers, eggplant, cauliflower, broccoli

✔ Strawberries

✔ Cream

✔ Sugar free sauces 



2. Things to avoid

Things to avoid

The obvious things here are buns for the hotdogs or burgers but there are lots of other sneaky carbs that you may not be mindful of. Corn on the cob is a bbq staple but unfortunately isn’t a low carb veg. If you’re having a beer it’s probably best to bring your own low carb one such as Heineken light which has only 3g of carbs per bottle and it won’t get you hammered either 🎉 Stick to spirits and a diet soda and avoid the cocktails at all costs.

✔ Pasta salad

✔ Corn (this one makes me sad) 

✔ Couscous

✔ Fruit Salad

✔ Potato Salad, fries, chips

✔ Sauces

✔ Breads, baps, baked goods

✔  Beers, sugary cocktails

✔ Ice-cream


3. Recipes to try

Bacon Halloumi Bites

If you’re hosting or even just a guest there’s still lots of gorgeous keto approved foods you can make ahead for the bbq.


✔  Keto Couscous Salad – recipe here

 ✔  Bacon Wrapped Halloumi 

✔  Low Carb onion rings – recipe here

✔ Creamy Keto Coleslaw – recipe here

 ✔ Grilled Flatbread Pizza – recipes here


Sauces & Dips

Keto Guacamole

✔ Low Carb Guac – recipe here 

✔ Chipotle Mayo (1 cup mayo, 1 tsp tomato paste, 1 tbsp chipotle powder)

✔ Keto BBQ sauce – recipe here or I like to use Walden Farms which you can find on Amazon!

Marinades & Seasoning

Make your own low carb rubs or buy them online.

✔ Tex Mex – recipe here

✔ BBQ seasoning – recipe here  

✔ Poultry seasoning- sage, thyme, marjoram, rosemary, nutmeg and black pepper

✔ Flavour God Lemon Garlic Seasoning buy here 


Sweet Treats

Keto Blender Cupcakes


Low carb or not, I ALWAYS need a sweet treat with whatever I’m eating. Bake ahead things such as brownies, cupcakes, muffins, cakes or biscuits are all great options as they travel well and can easily be served up. Here’s some of my recommendations!

✔ Brownies – recipe here 

✔  Berries & Cream (makes 2 servings) – 1 cup of berries served with 2/3 cup of sweetened heavy cream. Whip the cream with the sweetener and serve over the berries. Strawberries, raspberries or blueberries are all low carb options!

✔  Blender Cupcakes – recipe here 

✔  Low Carb Smore’s Bars – recipe here 

✔ Keto Lemon Bars – recipe here 



Low Carb Alcohol

Keep it simple with low carb or light beers such as Coors Light, Heineken Light or Bud Light.

✔ Keto Cocktails – recipes here 

✔ Champagne/prosecco

✔ Sprits and diet soda


My Thoughts

Be prepared and you are golden. Make tasty dishes and treats ahead and bring them along. Stick to the low carb beers or keto approved drinks and remember that your tolerance is MUCH lower on keto. Oh and don’t kill yourself if you over-indulge 🐽


Thanks for reading

Natasha 💞